The School Year Begins

Lumen students quickly felt right back at home when school started, and they worked to make the new Lumen students feel the same way. One of the ways they accomplished this was by playing some ice breakers to learn names and have fun.

Another important aspect in the Lumen school and community is having the students develop a Social Contract. There was a lot of thinking and discussion that went into this.

Ultimately the activity was a success. Here is the rough draft, signed by all students, of the Social Contract.

After the Social Contract was settled, it was time to get down to business. Students chose their first seminar that will last 4 1/2 weeks. Choice was made based upon not only student interest, but also subject area credits needed by each student. Students had three seminars from which they could choose. Coursework for the seminars started Thursday. The students were involved right away.

Wired: .125 credit Psychology/.125 credit Environmental Science

What is addiction? Is it possible to be addicted to a cell phone or the internet? How do heavy use of digital devices and the internet change the structure and functioning of your brain? This seminar will explore the recent research on internet/ video game/ gadget use and addiction, why these tools are so compelling, and how they are changing us.

Survivor: .125 credit American Politics and Policy (APP) / .125 credit English

This seminar will look at the thinking behind and the development of a new society. You will be placed into situations requiring the determination of what will need to be done to survive if all forms of societal government and leadership were removed. What do you need to survive?


History of Planet Earth in 4 Short Weeks: .125 credit Biology/ .125 credit English

According to some scientists Earth is said to be ~4.5 billion years old. In this seminar, we will speed through time and look at what has happened on this planet since its formation. We will touch base on several theories as it relates to Dinosaurs and the movement of life from water to land, all in just four short weeks.

It was a great first week!