Semester Exams in Lumen

Lumen’s daily schedule is different from RHS. We do not have study halls or take cummulative assessments; therefore, the expectation during the RHS exam period schedule is for students to report to their Lumen classes as they would on any other school day. This also includes reporting to class during the make up period.

There are a couple of exceptions:

If you are caught up with all of your credits and work (including current events) in Lumen, are in good standing in your RHS classes, and you are beyond the required pace in math you may be exempt during 1st hour Advisory, Lumen math class and make-up time. Following is a link to the exam schedule. Janexamschedule

Happy New Year!!

We are in the third week of fourth and final block of seminars for first semester! The seminars are:

“Toxic Sludge Is Good For You” (.125 credit in Environmental Science and .125 credit in American Politics and Policy)

“There Is A Fine Line Between Genius and Crazy” (.125 credit in English and .125 credit in Psychology)

“One Is The Loneliest Number” (.125 credit in English and .125 credit in General Biology”

The last day for this round of seminars is Friday, January 18. We are also running four workshops this round:

Environmental Energy and Ecosystems (.125 credit in Environmental Science)

Reading Workshop (.125 English)

Fact of the Matter Is (yearlong workshop for one full credit in Physics)

Video Production (.125 credit in technical application)

Keep in mind that at this point in the semester, in order to keep on track for graduation, every student should have earned at least 2.25 credits. By January 18, the end of the semester, all students should have earned 3 credits.

Advisory time is first hour every day. It is during this time that Lumen advisors take the time to follow up with students regarding their credit status. All students are aware of what they have earned and what they need to earn. Students have a few different options available to them to be able to access their grades as well as their credit status.Those options are:

Infinite Campus (for RHS grades)

Project Foundry



Each student has their user name and password.

Following is the link to the exam schedule for January 16 through the 18:

January Semester Exam Schedule 2013