Round 6 of Seminars begins!

Today was the first day of Round 6 of seminars for the year. For the next 4 1/2 weeks students will be in one of the following three seminars:

Climate Change (Credits: .125 APP / .125 English 12)

How do we manage increasingly scarce fresh water resources, pressures on water quality, policy regulation and distribution, water contamination, etc.

Phobias and Disorders (.125 Psychology / .125 English)

We all have fears…but when do those fears become a problem? This seminar will explore the mental issues surrounding phobias–where they come from and how people deal with them. We will also talk about eating disorders and the fears and perceptions that underlie those. Readings will include both fiction and nonfiction regarding these issues, as we take a look at how real people deal with these issues and how literary characters display the inner world of these ideas.

Alternate Sources of Energy (Credits: .125 Eng12/.125 Bio or Environmental)

Think outside the box, look into well known alternative sources, and try to find lesser known alternative energy sources. Comparing and contrasting with discussion of what we can do this summer to promote alternative energy usage. We will try to contact people in the community to to find out how they use other energy resources, and see if they are willing to try new practices to reduce their carbon footprint.

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