Round 7 begins!

Round 7 of seminars began today. The current offerings are:

King Coal (.125 APP or English / .125 Environmental)

Description: Should we dethrone King Coal, or increase our pace of mining it, as one political party proposes? How do mining it and burning it affect the environment and human health? What role should coal play in the U.S. energy menu?

English Intensive Seminar (Credits: .25 Eng 12)

Description: This seminar will allow you to earn double credit in English…however you want or need. We can design a four and a half week seminar to focus on something in which you have interest (writing short stories, reading novels, Shakespeare). We could also work on something in which you need more help. We can work together to come up with individual or group projects.

How do we take care of our mental health? (Credits: .125 APP / .125 Psych)

Description: I’m schizophrenic and so am I, case studies– looking at the mental health history of world leaders, role of president– how his mental health affects decision making, authentic happiness, personality test / character strengths.

Round 7 Workshop offerings are:

Ecosystem Organization (General Biology)

Free Choice Reading Workshop (English)

Fact of the Matter is (Physics)

Street Law (APP)

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