Understanding Project Learning

Lumen Mission Statement:

“To engage students in a dynamic learning environment that fosters forward thinking”

Part of what we do in Lumen to follow that mission statement is project learning. Attached is an article titled “8 Essentials for Project-Based Learning”. It is a great resource and guide to understanding the aspects of the project process. It will give you a window into the project process your child is engaged in.



Weekly ALEKS Update

The weekly ALEKS Update is a day early this week due to the Homecoming Activities that are scheduled for the entire day tomorrow.

Nunber of topics by area that your child should have completed up to this point:



Trigonometry    37 topics

Algebra 2    40 topics

Geometry    27 topics

Algebra    70 topics

Geometry Concepts    27 topics

Algebra / Geometry Concepts    231 topics

Algebra Concepts    70 topics


You can access your child’s math progress at www.aleks.com


End of the 3rd Week of School

As of today, we have finished up the 3rd week of school. Keep in mind that this means mid-quarter is coming up in a week and a half. Progress Report grades will officially be posted in Infinite Campus prior to the second week of October. You can access your child’s grades via the following web site: https://riponwi.infinitecampus.org If you are in need of your Infinite Campus user name and password, please contact Mrs. O’Brien at 748-4616 or you can email her at obriens@ripon.k12.wi.us

The timing of Progress Reports intentionally correlates with Parent / Teacher Conferences on October 10 & 11. A listing of Lumen teachers and the rooms they will be located in for conferences, once finalized, will be posted on the blog.


We have 8 days left in this round of seminars, the last day being Wednesday, October 2. Please check Engrade www.engrade.com  to track your child’s assignment completion.


Finally, next week marks the beginning of Homecoming Week. The theme this year is “Tropic Like It’s Hot”. Following is the list of scheduled activites for the week:


Monday, September 23

Dress Up: Class Colors

Seniors: Blue and White

Juniors: Pink and Green

Soph: Yellow and Brown

Frosh: Stripes and Polka Dots

Staff: Alma Mater

Advisory Door Decorating Begins

Students Sign up for Friday Morning Activities

Homecoming Kick-Off Video

Vote for Homecoming Court

Talent Show Tryouts after school

Tuesday, September 24th

Dress up: Hawaiian Beach Party

Advisory vote for Homecoming Queen

Wednesday, September 25th

Dress up: Twin Day

Talent Show during Lunch (Single Lunch Schedule)

Thursday, September 26th

Dress up: Pirate Day

Blood Drive Competition

Academic Pull-Outs

1st Hour: Freshmen (Link Crew)

2ndHour: Sophomores

6thHour: Juniors

7thHour: Seniors

Friday, September 27th

Dress up: School Spirit Day

Breakfast 6:30-8

Morning Activites 8-11

Egg Toss

Bean Bag Toss

Dunk Tank

Ultimate Frisbee

Capture the Flag






Lunch: Cookout

Afternoon Assembly:

Announce Homecoming Court

Musical Chairs

Class Skits

Chugging Contest

New Teacher Skit

Locks of Love

Fall Sports Update

Any Teacher Skit

Lip Sync Contest

Pie Eating Competition

Tug of War

Newlywed Game

Dodgeball final game vs Teachers

Homecoming Parade 4-4:30

Youth Football Tailgate after parade

Present Court at Football game during halftime

Saturday, September 28th

Dance 8-11

Present Court at 9:30

Clean Up Dance 11 pm

As always, we look forward to Homecoming Week and encourage everyone to participate and have a good time, but, above all, respect yourself, other people, your community, and the property of others.

Have a great weekend!

Weekly ALEKS Update

Following is the minimum number of topics your child should have completed in ALEKS (online math). Also, please note that all students, regardless of the math subject they are in, should have completed at least 4 quizzes at this point.

Please remind your child that they can work on their math at home as well- they should view it as homework- what every math student in RHS has every night. Lumen students have the opportunity to work ahead and finish early.


Trigonometry    30 topics

Algebra 2    30 topics

Geometry    20 topics

Algebra    60 topics

Geometry Concepts    20 topics

Algebra / Geometry Concepts    224 topics

Algebra Concepts    60 topics


You can access your child’s math progress at www.aleks.com




Vertical Ventures!!

The field trip to Vertical Ventures ropes course was a huge success!

The ropes course consisted of both low and high ropes. Half the students did the low ropes course while the other half did the high ropes and after lunch the groups switched, so each student had the opportunity to do both.

As stated on the Berlin High School website:

“The Low Ropes Course focuses on collaboration.  The challenges call upon every member of the team to participate, presenting unending opportunities for self-discovery and team growth.

A low ropes course element is defined as obstacles no more than 3 feet off the ground that the participant moves across while other participants spot the individual for safety purposes. 
The High Ropes Course emphasizes risk taking, trust, and coaching.  The challenge allows participants to expand their comfort zone – sometimes drastically – and recognize fears that may block personal achievement.  Whether a participant is the one climbing or is finding an effective way to encourage a teammate, each moment is rich with discoveries.
The High Ropes Course consists of horizontally strung cables, ropes, boards, and other materials that create obstacles 40 feet in the air.  Participants utilize a static belay as well as a self belay sling line safety system.”
 It really served to strengthen us as a community, showing us that we can count on one another for support and encouragement.  We took a lot of pictures- too many to list in just one blog, yet we don’t want to omit anyone so I will be including pictures on the blog every day for the remainder of the week. Ask you child about each activity- I am sure their description will be much more colorful than anything I could come up with. Enjoy!
Vertical Ventures 2013 091 Vertical Ventures 2013 090 Vertical Ventures 2013 087 Vertical Ventures 2013 083 Vertical Ventures 2013 073

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Vertical Ventures Field Trip Tomorrow!

Barring any crazy changes in weather, we are moving forward with our scheduled field trip to Vertical Ventures tomorrow. A few things to remind your child of:


1. Bring a lunch. It is an all day field trip so we will be eating lunch there and each student is responsible for bringing their own lunch.

2. Wear weather appropriate clothing. The forecast for tomorrow says that it is supposed to be 69 degrees and sunny. Keep in mind we will be in a shady forest, which will make it considerably cooler but there will a good deal of physical activity. Layering is your best bet.

3. Wear appropriate shoes. Tennis shoes are best. We will be climbing and participating in various group activities involving a great deal of physical activity. Appropriate footwear is critical. Nothing open toed or with a heel. Again, tennis shoes are best.

4. Be on time! We are leaving at 8:15 a.m. sharp! We have zero wiggle room when it comes to departure time so BE ON TIME!


This will be a great team building experience for everyone!


End of the first full week

As we wind down the first full week of the school year I think students and staff would agree it was a successful week. Schedules are established and everyone has adapted to the routine of the school day.

Today we took our group photo to submit to the Wisconsin Charter School year book. First, the photo for submission to the yearbook-


Lumen Group Photos 2013-14 019







Then, a silly one-


Lumen Group Photos 2013-14 040







They both turned out great!


Keep in mind that this coming Tuesday, September 17 is our field trip to the Vertical Ventures ropes course in the Berlin School Forest. It is an all day field trip so please make sure your child packs a lunch, wears tennis shoes and weather appropriate clothing. In addition, if your child has not turned in the permission slips or the $10 please make sure they do that by Monday.

Wrapping up this first full week, students must have completed a certain number of topics in ALEKS (online math) in order to stay on track to complete the course in the allotted time and receive the math credit toward graduation. Those numbers, by class are:


Trigonometry 20 topics

Algebra 2  20 topics

Geometry 14 topics

Algebra 50 topics

Geometry Concepts 14 topics

Algebra / Geometry Concepts 217 topics (this number is high because it is a continuation from last year)

Algebra Concepts 50 topics


Please login into ALEKS using the user name and password I sent you so that you can check your child’s progress. Here is the link www.aleks.com


Have a fantastic weekend!





Vertical Ventures Tuesday, September 17

As part of our community building, we have planned a field trip to the Berlin School Forest to participate in the Vertical Ventures ropes course. You can read more about it at the Berlin School website that can be accessed here: http://www.berlin.k12.wi.us

The cost to participate will be $10. It normally is $20 but Lumen funds will be used to cover half of the cost. Students will need to bring their own lunch- it will be an all day field trip. In the event of bad weather, we have a rain date of Thursday, September 19.

Attached you will find two permission slips- Berlin Area School District Medical Health History and Emergency Release as well as the Parental/Guardian permission Slip and Waiver of Liability form. These forms were sent home with your child Monday, September 9. You may print and fill them out if need be, otherwise your child has copies. Please send the completed forms back to school with your child as soon as  possible.

Your child should dress for weather and outdoor conditions from rain, layering to accommodate both cool and warm temperatures, insects (mosquitoes), etc. An athletic shoe is highly recommended for all ropes course obstacles. No open toe shoes or flip flops are allowed.

We are looking forward to this team building activity- it should be fun as well as serve to strengthen our Lumen community!


Link to permission slips:



Second Day- Social Contract

A significant portion of our second day of the 2013-14 school year was spent establishing our Social Contract for the year. Students and staff met and discussed the expectations for the school year.  Following is what was established:

Teambuilding 2013 020




Social Contract 2013-14


What does success look like?

Students who are accountable, engaged, and professional.


How can we create an environment that fosters success?

We want students who are curious and critical thinkers. As teachers we have developed engaging lessons and courses. As students we want you to solve problems jointly. Stay focused and on task.


How do we want to be treated by students?

It’s about mutual respect for teachers and students. That looks like cooperation, enthusiasm and involvement.  Don’t be mean. We can’t talk about social contracts today and then gossip tomorrow.

We want solutions to problems, not complaint sessions.


How do we want students to treat other students?

We are all in this together. Have each others’ backs. Don’t be mean. Actively include each other.


How do we treat each other when there is conflict?

The community should talk to each other first. Teachers get involved later.

We are interested in fairness and mutual solution finding. We should work together. Don’t complain out of earshot. Talk to us.

Copy (4) of Teambuilding 2013 016

It was a successful meeting and a great foundation to establishing a learning environment based in mutual respect.