Weekly ALEKS Update

Following is the minimum number of topics your child should have completed in ALEKS (online math) by January 3, 2014.

Please remind your child that they can work on their math at home as well- they should view it as homework- what every math student in RHS has every night. Lumen students have the opportunity to work ahead and finish early.


Trigonometry   120 topics

Algebra 2  142 topics

Geometry    125 topics

Algebra   200 topics

Geometry Concepts   125 topics

Algebra / Geometry Concepts    318 topics

Algebra Concepts   135 topics


You can access your child’s math progress at www.aleks.com


Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a great winter break. First order of business in 2014- the First Semester Exam schedule! You will find it below. We have been stressing to the students that the end of the semester is quickly approaching- January 17- only 15 days away. It still plenty of time to finish any classwork or reconcile any poor grades they may have. We want all Lumen students to finish this- and every- semester strong!

Wednesday, January 15                           

Reminder: Late Start Day

8:50-9:28 1st Hour Class

9:32-10:12 2nd Hour Class

10:16-10:56 3rd Hour Class

10:56-11:30 Early Lunch, then

11:30-12:10 4th Hour Class


11:00-11:40 4th Hour Class, then         

11:40-12:14 Late Lunch

12:14-12:52 5th Hour Class

12:56-1:33 6th Hour Class

1:37-3:07 7th Hour Exam              

1:30-3:07 Make-up time

Thursday, January 16

7:50-9:20 1st Hour Exam

9:30-11:00 3rd Hour Exam

11:00-11:50 Lunch

11:50-1:20 5th Hour Exam

1:30-3:07 Make-up Time

Friday, January 17

7:50-9:20 2nd Hour Exam

9:30-11:00 4th Hour Exam

11:00-11:50 Lunch

11:50-1:20 6th Hour Exam

1:30-3:07 Make-up Time