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Lumen was treated to a very special talk on December 3. Sammy Rangel, author and activist, shared the story of his life and work with Lumen students. From a severely abusive childhood to his time as leader of the Maniac Latin Disciples gang, to years in solitary confinement and struggles with violence, addiction and hate, Sammy eventually found healing and redemption. Today he works as a social worker, drug counselor, motivational speaker and activist for empathy. Lumen students and teachers alike were spellbound as he talked for three hours (we had scheduled for one!) Periods came and went, bells rang, and no one budged. Here are some of the many, many heartfelt testimonials from students who were privileged to hear him.


  • …he is a great speaker and a true inspiration.

  • Sammy’s talk was amazing, I would love to have him come in again in the future.

  • WOW! It was very inspiring and was something that I need to hear.

  • I think that Sammy is definitely one of the best speakers that I have heard.

  • I loved it and I learned a lot for how I can help my own friends out and use different tactics to do so. So I thank him for that!

  • Few people have lives like Sammy’s, It’s astonishing to me how someone with that much hate can love again.

  • Hearing him tell his story and inspiring us is really an honor for me. He is for sure my absolute favorite speaker to come in. From that I speech I’ll try my best to spread the word of how people should forgive and be grateful for the life that they have lived.

  • I’d like to say that he is a great speaker and a true inspiration.

  • …he was very open-minded and funny about what he was talking about. Whenever he was talking it was always entertaining and made me want to hear more.

  • I thought it was very strong and brave of him to talk about his past and with how much detail he went into and how he shared information that people would most likely not share.

  • I honestly thought the most moving part of his talk was when he was saying how he was raped and beaten as a child, but he has gotten past that and has such a great and bright future ahead of him.



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