Team Building

Last week we had two days of team building. The first day Lumen graduates came to share how what they learned in Lumen has helped them to be successful in college and the workforce.  They all shared about how the Genius Hour projects they did throughout their high school years helped them to find out what they were passionate about and gave them direction for what they wanted to pursue for a career.  It was inspiring and motivating for everyone.

The second day we focused on working together collectively as a group.  We did an activity where we had to move a marble from one end of the room to the other using small plastic tubing.  Students had to deivse a plan, make adjustments, and work together to complete the task.  We all learned more about ourselves and each other.  In addition, we had a discussion about what things we did well first semester and what we need to make improvements on for second semester.  Both days were challenging and fun!

Final Exam Week

First semester exams begin on Wednesday.  You will find the schedule below. The end of first semester is January 15.  Students still have time to finish any classwork or reconcile poor grades.  We want every student to finish the semester strong.

Wednesday, January 13

Late Start Day

8:50 – 9:28   1st Hour Class

9:32 – 10:12   2nd Hour Class

10:16 – 10:56   3rd Hour Class

10:56 – 11:30   Early Lunch, then

11:30 – 12:10   4th Hour Class


11:00 – 11:40   4th Hour Class, then

11:40 – 12:14   Late Lunch

12:14 – 12:52   5th Hour Class

12:56 – 1:33   6th Hour Class

1:37 – 3:07   7th Hour Exam


Thursday, January 14

7:50 – 9:20   1st Hour Exam

9:30 – 11:00   3rd Hour Exam

11:00 – 11:50   Lunch

11:50 – 1:20   5th Hour Exam

1:30 – 3:07   Make-up time


Friday, January 15

7:50 – 9:20   2nd Hour Exam

9:30 – 11:00   4th Hour Exam

11:00 – 11:50   Lunch

11:50 – 1:20   6th Hour Exam

1:30 – 3:07   Make-up time

Weekly ALEKS Update

Following is the minimum number of topics your child should have completed in ALEKS (online math) by January 15, 2016 – End of Semester 1.

Please remind your child that they can work on their math at home as well- they should view it as homework- what every math student in RHS has every night. Lumen students have the opportunity to work ahead and finish early.


Algebra 1        210 topics

Algebra 2        150 topics

Algebra Concepts      155 topics

Geometry       150 topics

Geometry Concepts         170 topics

Algebra/Geometry Concepts       376 topics

Transitional Math        109 topics

Trigonometry       157 topics

Statistics and Probability        123 topics


You can access your child’s math progress at