Team Building South Woods

Our last team building time for the school year was spent in South Woods on a nature scavenger hunt.  Students were given tasks to accomplish as a team such as building a rock tower, getting across the creek together, and finding certain plants.  Here are some pictures of the fun!











































































































































































The World Comes to Oshkosh – Refugee Fundraising Dinner

The Lumen seminar, “The World Comes to Oshkosh” hosted a fundraising dinner for refugee resettlement in the Fox Valley on May 13. The class studied the sending countries and the conditions that caused people to flee them, focusing on Myanmar, Iraq, Syria, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The class also learned about the process of refugee resettlement in the US, from the vetting process used to screen refugees to the kinds of services and challenges they can expect when they arrive in Oshkosh. The students made informational displays for the dinner highlighting what they learned. The dinner served over 50 guests and raised $770 for World Relief and the African Fellowship food pantry! We are grateful to Grace Lutheran church, Webster’s and Market Fresh for donating a venue and ingredients for the dinner.

Other highlights of the class: One of our speakers was the volunteer coordinator for World Relief. Others included a Syrian refugee who had formerly been a high school teacher, a Ugandan who is studying to be a Social Worker, and a pastor who has worked extensively with refugees for many years. Students also had an opportunity to attend a one-year anniversary party for a Congolese family, and a worship service run for and by an African refugee congregation. Students also wrote letters to the editor, two of which were published last week in the Commonwealth Press. One student also wrote the press release prior to the dinner, which was also published in the RCP.