Chemistry Lab Baking Experiment

In a recent Lumen Chemistry lab students put their observation and measurement skills to the test. One of the focal points in chemistry is to be as accurate and precise as possible and what better way to test these skills than baking.

For three days students were asked to conduct their own experiments on tradition baking ingredients in preparation for this weeks lab. Ingredients such as; four, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, salt, sea salt, etc. were out for students to observe using all of their senses except TASTE. Students were also allowed the use of bunsen burners, hot plates, vinegar, oil, and water.

On the first day, students were given white cups with only letters A thru P and a mystery substance. They were also given a recipe for Vanilla Cup Cakes, but it was coded in a way that tested their conversion and critical thinking abilities. Using their notes from the previous week and a variety of tests they designed, they hunted down the ingredients needed. On the second day, students gave Mr. Schwingle the amount of said letter and it was added to the mixing bowl. At the end of the day the cupcakes were baked and ready for consumption.

Finally, it was taste testing day.  Students were to record their visual and taste observations of their cupcakes versus a normal vanilla cupcake. Lastly, they were told the amount and actual ingredient the put into their mixture.
Overall, the students enjoyed this new approach to demonstrating their understanding of new chemistry content.

Taste Test Day #3 

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