Lumen Renovation

In the Spring a group of Lumen students teamed up with Cathylee Arbaugh from Five Twelve Interiors to design an inviting breakout space and hallway for Lumen.  She graciously gave of her time and talents working with the students and the school district to give us a space that is modern and unique.  In September the renovations began.   A group of students from Ms. Young’s Lumen art class took on the challenging task of painting the hallway and breakout space to give it a fresh new look.   Here are some pictures of the work in progress to the final product.
























































































































Lumen Students Participate in Keeper’s Store

Each year during the first two weeks of December, the Keeper’s Store is open for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Lumen has had the privilege of being invited each year to work with the FBLA students in putting on this event.  It is a great opportunity for students to make a personal connection with the elementary students.  It is great fun and students get a chance be out serving within the community.































A Hard Day’s Knight Seminar

In the Hard Day’s Knight seminar students have been focusing on a very important time period of history.  They looked at the political, economic, social, and intellectual history of the Middle Ages. The importance doesn’t only lie in the events that took place, but the machinery and science that allowed those events to come to an end. The final project for this seminar was to build a successful scale model of a trebuchet.  The most successful trebuchet threw the ball 85 yards. Here are pictures and video of the fun students had launching their trebuchets. 







































































Trebuchet Video 1

Trebuchet Video 2

Trebuchet Video 3

Trebuchet Video 4

Lumen Participates in Dickens of a Christmas

It is becoming a Lumen tradition to volunteer at the Dickens of a Christmas Ripon community event.  Last year, we had our own booth, where we served hot chocolate, apple cider and holiday cookies. In addition, we set up a craft table where kids could make an ornament for their tree.  This year, we teamed up with J’s BBQ to serve a delicious sweet treat.  It is a great opportunity for students to be active contributers within their community. It is part of our mission and vision in Lumen and a value that we hope will instill a life long passion in students for volunteering and serving others wherever life leads them.