About Lumen

Focus of Lumen Charter High School

Lumen Charter High School provides a learning atmosphere suited to develop the intellectual, physical, and social capabilities of each student. The curriculum is individualized and standards-based focusing on relevant skills that prepare students for college and the workforce.


Mission Statement:

To engage students in a dynamic learning environment that fosters forward thinking.


Lumen Vision Statement:

A dynamic learning environment will be created by:

  • Engaging students in a learning environment that is progressive in its approach to content and delivery of instruction
  • Integrating content between discipline areas forming cross-curricular connections
  • Creating curriculum that changes and develops as student needs arise
  • Developing multi-disciplinary teaching teams, through seminars and workshops for specialized topics and problem-based lessons
  • Fostering a community environment
  • Focusing on developing relevant, 21st century skills
  • Applying authentic, real-world assessments
  • Establishing a process of inquiry in response to a problem


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